Hot Water Heaters

Get professional plumbers to install the hot water tank in your home. Choose between an economical gas or electric hot water tank, more luxurious tankless hot water heater and modern high efficiency water heaters.  Expert help choosing the right water heater to install in your home. 

Why Choose electric water heaters?

Environmental Efficiency

Electric water heaters in Montreal can be powered by the province’s vast hydroelectric resources, making them a more environmentally friendly option compared to fossil-fuel-based systems.

Safe & Simple

Electric water heaters don’t produce harmful gases or require venting. They have fewer components, which can lead to reduced maintenance needs and less risk of issues like gas leaks.

Super High Efficiency Water Heaters

Two stage heating enables reduced energy consumption by optimizing the heating process based on demand. Space-saving models that are perfect for Montreal homes with limited space.


Enjoy an endless supply of on demand  hot water in your home. Get your tankless hot water heater installed by licensed plumbers in Montreal.

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Get your water heater installed by licensed plumbers in Montreal. Call to be connected with a residential plumber in Montreal.  

Water Heater Installation

Help Choosing The Right Hot Water Tank For Your Home

Expert Plumbers

Considering an upgrade or replacement for your outdated hot water tank? Allow our expert plumbers to guide you in selecting between gas and electric, determining the appropriate tank size, and deciding if a high-efficiency water heater suits your needs. For more information about hot water tank installations in Montreal, reach out to us via call or email today!