Get Your Toilet Installed

Upgrading or replacing an old toilet in Montreal? We always recommend name brand toilets due to their repairability. Let our professionals help you pick out the right toilet for your design and price point or provide the toilet and have plumbers install it. Call or book online to get your toilet installed in Montreal.

Choosing A New Toilet To Installation

When it’s time to select a new toilet for your Montreal home, you’re presented with a variety of choices. However, with the myriad of options available, it’s crucial to make a well-informed decision that aligns with both your design preferences and functional requirements.

Brand Matters
When replacing your toilet we always recommend choosing a name brand like Kohler, TOTO & American Standard due to the parts being available for repairs.

Water Efficiency
Modern toilets offer water saving features including

Design & Features
Modern toilets come in a range of styles.  From bidet features, to soft closing seats and skirted toilets we’ll help you choose the right toilet to install.

Why Choose Montreal Plumbing To Replace Your Toilet?

Professional Plumbers

Rely on a team of licensed and experienced plumbers who prioritize quality and precision in every toilet installation. Toilet installed to industry standards, ensuring that your new toilet works perfect.

Fast Service

A broken toilet can usually be replaced in a single service call. Montreal Plumbing is committed to providing fast toilet installation services.  When you need a toilet installed call the experts in Montreal. 

Warranty & Labour Guarantee

Each toilet we offer is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty, ensuring product reliability and your peace of mind. Additionally, our toilet installation service includes a labor guarantee, affirming that every installation adheres to the highest industry standards and specifications.

Customer Service & Knowledge

Let our experience guide you when choosing a new toilet for your home. From modern skirted designs, to soft close seats and high efficiency toilets our plumbers will help you choose the right toilet for your home & budget. 

Toilet Installation FAQ


What kind of toilets can you install?

Licensed plumber can install all kinds of toilets including one-piece, two-piece and wall mounted toilets. 


How much does it cost to install a toilet?

Most toilets can be professionally installed in a single service call, so under 1 hour.  Additional costs might include the cost of a new toilet and sometimes parts like a flange extender may be required. 


What happens to the old toilet?

Toilet removal and disposal is included in all toilet installation service calls. 


Do you provide the toilet or should I buy one separately?

We offer a selection of high-quality toilets from reputable brands. However, if you’ve already purchased one, we’re happy to install it for you.  Just call to book a toilet installation service call. 


Are Expensive Toilets Worth the money?

We alwasy tell customers to choose a toilet from a name brand and that way parts are available for repairs and maintenance.  A cheap name brand toilet can last a lifetime!  Other features like design, water saving features and soft closing seats are things to consider.


Get toilets, bidets, dishwashers and all kinds of plumbing installed in your home in Montreal. See all the plumbing upgrades you can install here. 

Plumbing Repairs

Get help repairing leaks, faucets, shower valves, drains and toilets with professional plumbers.  Call or email and get fast affordable plumbing repairs in Montreal.


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