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Discover the ultimate in water quality with advanced Water Filtration Systems installed by Montreal Plumbers. We install  Water Purification technologies in your home, including Reverse Osmosis.  Enjoy crystal clear and pure tap water. Get professional installation of water purifiers and filters in Montreal.

Why Choose Plumbing Montreal To Install A Water Purifier?

We prioritize your needs, ensuring the system you choose fits your specific water quality concerns and household usage. From reverse osmosis to more affordable water filter options, our plumbers can help!

Licensed & Professional Plumbers We work with a team of fully licensed professionals with extensive experience in residential plumbing.

Quality Workmanship: We are committed to the highest standards of installation, ensuring your system operates efficiently and effectively

Efficient and Clean Installation: Water purification ystems mount under your sink ensuring a swift installation process and leaving a clean finish.

Steps to Installing A Water Purificatoin System

We specialize in installing water filtration and water purification systems. We work with licensed plumbers to provide Montreal with reverse osmosis water filter installation services.  How are water filters installed installed? 


Pre-Inspection & Assessment

Plumbers begin by thoroughly inspecting all components for installation and gathering all the necessary tools, ensuring everything is prepared for a smooth setup.


Water Filtration System Assembly

We assemble the system, adhering to all safety regulations and ensuring a perfect fit of filters and housings, while checking operating parameters to align with your home’s plumbing conditions.


Space Allocation & Plumbing Connection

A suitable installation area is confirmed for the system and tank, followed by a connecting to the cold water supply, including a checking for leaks.


Mount & Reduce Noise

The drain saddle is strategically mounted to reduce noise and is tested for optimal performance, ensuring the quiet operation of your system.


Faucet Installation & System Activation

We drill and mount the faucet for easy access and use.  Then concluding with a comprehensive system test to confirm operation and efficient water purification.

Home Water Filter Installation

Ensure your family’s health and hydration with the purest water right from your tap. Contact Montreal Plumbing today to install a state-of-the-art water purification system in your Montreal home. Don’t wait to enjoy clean, safe, and great-tasting water every day. Call us now for a professional and seamless installation experience!


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Plumbing Repairs

Get help repairing leaks, faucets, shower valves, drains and toilets with professional plumbers.  Call or email and get fast affordable plumbing repairs in Montreal.


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