Garbage Disposal Installation in Montreal

Upgrading your existing garbage disposal system or considering installing one, Montreal Plumbing helps with professional installation.  Also get expert advice and high quality garburtors for your home.

Why Install A Garbage Disposal In Your Home?

Garbage disposals in your home add convenient way to get rid of food scraps and reduce waste.  Plus they will reduce the chance of clogged drains in the kitchen, help prevent bad smells and can be easily installed in most homes. 

Reduced Risk Of Clogs
A well-functioning garburator ensures that food particles are ground into fine bits, which can be easily flushed down the drain. This fine consistency significantly reduces the chances of these particles getting lodged in your pipes and leading to blockages.

Prevent Foul Odors
Blocked drains often emanate unpleasant odors due to trapped food particles that rot and decay over time. A garburator ensures food waste is efficiently processed reducing the chanceof bad smells.

Works With Modern Plumbing
Garburators install seamlessly with your existing plumbing and drain. 

Installing A Garbage Disposal

With a professional plumber from Montreal Plumbing handling the installation, homeowners can rest assured every step is performed meticulously, guaranteeing a safe, efficient, and long-lasting garbage disposal system.


Inspection & Assessment

Before the installation begins, a plumber inspects your current sink setup and the surrounding plumbing. This ensures compatibility with the chosen garbage disposal unit and helps identify if there are any additional parts or adjustments needed.


Preparation & Removal

Next, the area is prepared for installation. The electrical circuit and water supply to the region are turned off, and space under the sink is cleared to provide working space. If there’s an old unit in place, it needs to be removed plumbers will disconnect it from beneath the sink.


Install & Mounting New Unit

Anew sink flange is installed, ensuring a watertight seal and then the mounting assembly is attached securely to the sink flange.  In some cases and electrician will be required to provide power for new installations.


Connecting The Drain & Testing

The discharge tube is connected to the unit and the drain trap. Once the plumbing connections are in place, water is run through the unit to ensure there are no leaks. The electrical circuit is turned on, and the unit is tested to confirm it operates.


Clean Up & Customer Maintenance

To wrap up the installation, any debris is cleaned up and the homeowner is provided guidance on the proper use and maintenance of the garbage disposal. 


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